Elevating Employer Branding

Crafting an EVP & Activation strategy – Part one



Ever stumbled upon the story of a true rebel in the traditional freight industry? Sendify, born in the heart of Gothenburg, is precisely that – a web-based shipping service that levels the global trade playing field for businesses, big or small.  

In recent years, Sendify has had a strong focus on revenue and organizational growth. Opening a new office in Germany and expanding business rapidly. As a result of this extensive up scaling, Sendify saw the need to ensure a high degree of people alignment throughout the organisation. Shared values, goals, and attitudes needed to be revised to bring clarity and alignment regarding the culture Sendify should embody and offer to the talent market. In other words, they wanted to enliven the culture again. 


The Mission

Enliven the culture again by reevaluating Sendify’s values and crafting a compelling EVP that encapsulated the unique essence of Sendify’s culture. All while increasing employee engagement during the values and EVP discovery phase.    

The Solution

Now, whats the best way of building a company culture from the ground up? Of course, all you employer branding enthusiasts out there already know the answer: its the EVP.  

The Result

Together with the people at Sendify, we introduced fresh core values and a revamped employer promise, transforming the Sendify Employer Value Proposition into a creative narrative rather than just another corporate statement. 

“We – the people at Sendify, are the cornerstone of Sendify’s journey. By reevaluating our EVP, we have ensured that our people foundation is something to which we wholeheartedly connect.”
— Fredrik Edeland, Founder & CEO

How we did it: Setting the foundation 👷‍♀️


  • Plotting Sendify on the EB-map: External analysis of Sendifys current position as an employer brand on the market compared to competitors.

  • Discovering the authentic culture: Through workshops with teams in Berlin and Gothenburg, in-depth interviews, cultural surveys, and webinars, we delved deep to grasp the authentic culturethe real deal.

  • Crafting the story: Putting words on Sendifys culture, formulating a set of core values, employer propositions and an employee promise. A creative process in uncovering the unique story of Sendify as a workplace. 
”The collaboration with Sendify never ceased to surprise me! It’s been a pleasure to work with the team; they are always coorperative and open to what we need to do together.”
— Karin Arbuthnott, Senior Copywriter

Now, with the EVP finalized, and a shiny set of values neatly documented and shared across the organization, the next step was clear. Let’s activate! 

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