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17 October 202312.00-12.45, Live on LinkedIn

Employer Branding Talks #10

Know your metrics – how to measure employer branding

In HR and in employer branding, we lag behind on the subject of measuring our employer branding activities. That stops now. We need to take control of our efforts. With us today, we have Oddworks Head of Digital, Alexandra Åhré, who works daily with setting up plans and measuring employer branding campaigns for our large international partners at Oddwork. She knows the devil’s in the details – or, more accurately, in your KPIs. We also have the honour to welcome Catherine Chamera from Visma and Vanessa Karlsson from LKAB, who both have experience in this area.


  • Alexandra Åhré, Head of Digital at Oddwork
  • Julia Sjövall, Head of Marketing at Oddwork
  • Catherine Chamera, Product Marketing Manager och Employer Brandingentusiast at Visma Talent Solutions
  • Vanessa Karlsson, Communication Strategist at LKAB

22 November 202212.00-12.45, Live on LinkedIn

Employer Branding Talks #8

Employer branding trends from 2022

In the turmoil of the past year, employer branding has once again made advances as a strategic function in many companies. During Oddwork’s eighth Employer Branding Talk (live-streamed on LinkedIn!), Charles Sinclair and Poyan Karimi will discuss this and other trends, such as how EVPs are being successfully activated throughout the entire employee lifecycle and how top employers are using video to drive results.


  • Charles Sinclair, Co-founder & Head of Employer Branding @Oddwork, co-founder @Life Inside
  •  Poyan Karimi, Co-founder & Senior Employer Branding Advisor @Oddwork, co-founder @Life Inside



10 May 202214.00-16.00 CEST, Online

Employer Branding Summit #4

Is employer branding becoming FOMO?

Are you experiencing Employer Branding FOMO? Don’t, this is your chance to get rid of that fear. On May 10th we’re hosting our fourth Employer Branding Summit.


  • Jessica Hedlund, Nordic Enterprise Sales Manager, LinkedIn
  • Malin Brant-Lundin, Global Head of Employer Branding at SEB
  • Pernilla Ramslöv, Founder & CEO at Nox Consulting
  • Liis Veersalu, Employer Brand & communications Lead at Starship Technologies
  • Life Inside, HR Tech

26 April 2022Previous event

Employer Branding Talks #6

Employee video – the Future of Talent Acquisition

When looking for their future employer, today’s candidates are researching and demanding clear insights into the purpose and work culture. Meanwhile, companies find it difficult to communicate their values and employer brands in an authentic way. How do you find the power of authenticity and human connection to create a next-generation candidate experience?


  • Emma Häregård, Partner Lead at Oddwork
  • Charles Sinclair, Head of Employer Branding at Oddwork
  • Niklas Busck, Head of Sales at Life Inside
  • Benjamin Kesler, founder of Local Glimpse
  • Julia Nilsson, Nicklas Henriksson & Nicklas Persson from AddPro

02 June 2021Previous event

Employer Branding Talks #3

How to attract and retain female tech talents

The tech industry is a notorious gentlemen’s club where women hold merely 16% of engineering roles and 27% of computing roles while also being 45% more likely to leave tech roles. Women-led startups received just 2,3% of the global venture capital funding in 2020. How do we need to change to attract, recruit and retain female tech talent in our organizations?


  • Malin Frithiofsson, President of the board of Women in Tech Gothenburg
  • Daniella Ravan, host and Customer Experience at Oddwork
  • Poyan Karimi, host and CEO at Oddwork





17 March 2021Previous event

Employer Branding Talks #2

Creating the right company culture

What’s the point of strong company culture? What if the culture is wrong? What if the world around us changes? Let’s deep dive into the subject of adaptive cultures and how to create one in your organisation.


  • Nicklas Gustafsson, Partner and master trainer at Dale Carnegie
  • Poyan Karimi, host and CEO at Oddwork
  • Charles Sinclair, host and Head of Employer Branding at Oddwork

16 February 2021Previous event

Employer Branding Talks #1

The most emerging employer branding trends 2021

Join a deep dive into the most emerging employer branding trends for 2021. Learn about the love story between the employer and consumer brand, strategic employer branding agendas, GIG cultures, HR tech and the power that lies within authenticity. 


  • Charles Sinclair, Head of Employer Branding at Oddwork
  • Poyan Karimi, Senior Employer Branding Advisor & CEO at Oddwork

02 December 2020Previous event

Employer Branding Summit #2

Employer Branding essentials of the 20’s – are you ready for the next decade?

The 2010s was the decade when employer branding became a strategic focus area in most organizations. What will happen in the 20s? Join us digitally together with industry experts and listen in to what the future holds for employer branding.


Linus Jonkman, Author and culture expert
Pernilla Fischione, Global Strategic Workforce Planning lead SAAB
Vasco Castro, Global Employer Branding leader Ingka Group
Fredrik Mellander, Head of partnerships Teamtailor


17 May 2020Previous event

Employer Branding Summit #1

How do you create a strong employer brand?

Employer Branding Summit: a thriving platform for employer branding experts and ambassadors to exchange best practices within the company culture and employer branding. How do you create a strong employer brand, ready for any given challenge?

Together we will share and discuss best practices, challenges, and what the future holds for Employer Branding. A panel of five thought leaders in Sweden, representing companies at the forefront of Employer Branding, will share their insights and secrets to how they sustain culture and cut through the noise to attract and retain talent in both good and challenging times.


Pär Linderum, Director Talent Aquisition at Astra Zeneca
Devin Lincoln, Employer Branding Manager at Astra Zeneca

Patrik Arnesson, Founder & CEO at Forza Football

Maria Nylén, Chief People & Culture Officer at Blocket
Martina Göransson, Chief Marketing & Customer Officer at Blocket

Svante Randlert, People advisor, Leading pod host, author of “The Dream employer”


01 January 1970

World Employer Branding Day | October 12-14, Lisbon

Oddwork announced as Swedish Country Partner for World Employer Branding Day 2022

World Employer Branding Day is the world’s largest gathering within employer branding. By connecting companies from around the globe with employer branding leaders, agencies, and communities in a welcoming and friendly environment, the event’s vision is to advance excellence within employer branding. For the October 2022 edition in Lisbon, Portugal, World Employer Branding Day has signed Oddwork as their Swedish country partner.

The event is held from 12-14th of October in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Estufa Fria in Lisbon’s Parque Eduardo VII Park. You can purchase tickets to the event on World Employer Branding Day’s website.


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