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Employer Branding

What is an Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?

10 OCTOBER 2022

Employer Value Proposition, known as EVP, is what an employer offers its employees and forms the core of an Employer Branding strategy. Think of it as a guiding compass for how the company communicates and acts in all things related to Employer Branding. It’s built on three key angles: the internal perspective, the external perspective, and the strategic perspective. 


It’s about what you, as the employer, provide to help your employees reach their full potential. 


It’s about what qualities potential candidates are looking for in an employer. 


It’s about the kind of workplace culture your company needs to attract, hire, and retain the right talent to successfully achieve its strategic goals. 


Why does EVP matter? 

Well, think of it like this: an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is like your company’s personal brand promise to its employees and potential hires. It’s all about showing your true colors both inside and outside the workplace, highlighting your strengths, and making your values crystal clear in a way that everyone gets. And what’s the end game? It’s about boosting and clarifying your company culture, moving your employer brand from where it is now to a place where your company is more recognized and super appealing to the kind of talent you’re looking for.

Having a solid EVP helps you understand and communicate your company’s unique selling points – those things that make people really want to be a part of your team. 

What should an EVP include?

At Oddwork, we typically base our clients’ EVP development on five fundamental components. The company’s: 

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Values
  4. Employee promise
  5. Employer propositions 

By identifying and weaving together these core elements, we create a common thread from the company’s primary goals and commitments to what the employer stands for and does in practice – and ultimately, the reasons why employees and new talents should join and stay with the company. The result is a solid foundation to further build the company culture upon and a guiding direction to continue moving forward towards strategic objectives. To craft an authentic and cohesive EVP for our clients, we always involve the entire organization through collaborative workshops, surveys, interviews, and digital data gathering to identify their unique Employer Value Proposition. 

Want more tips on creating your company’s EVP? 

Check out our guide on developing a credible, candidate-attracting EVP. Learn how to gather your company’s unique offering to future and current employees and make your company appealing in the job market. 


How to Uncover Your EVP

To figure out your company’s EVP, you need to dig into what truly makes your organization an appealing place to work. What distinct and relevant offerings do you have that make you stand out from the competition? A great way to start is by getting your employees involved in a conversation about your employer brand, focusing on these key aspects: 

1. Employee Promise

Discover the Promise that Shines
Like a Value Proposition that explains the worth you provide to your customers; an Employee Promise is all about the value you bring to potential and current employees. It’s often expressed as a catchy slogan or impactful headline (while keeping the promise authentic), with the aim of drawing talent to your company. What sets you apart as an employer compared to others out there? What value do you bring to your employees? What can talents expect to be a part of when they join your team? 

2. Employer Propositions 

Define the Motivations 
Each employee has their personal motivation for getting up in the morning and heading to the office. What advantages does work at your company offer, and how do these show up in your company culture? 

3. Values

What Shapes Your Company? 
Having clear values is vital for supporting the company’s vision, shaping its culture, building strong teams, and ensuring that all employees are working toward the same goals. What values do you uphold, and why are they meaningful to both you as an employee and as an employer? 


Got more questions or curious to learn more? Emma Häregård, Partner Lead at Oddwork and instructor of our Employer Branding Crash Course, is here to clear up any uncertainties you may have!

What’s the difference between EVP and Employer Brand? 

An Employer Brand is, in simple terms, a company’s reputation as an employer. It’s the overall perception and image that past, present, and potential employees have of a company as an employer. On the other hand, an EVP is a strategic document that helps us understand what aspects make us an attractive employer for our current and potential employees. 

Every company has an Employer Brand. However, not all companies have an EVP – that foundational element we can lean on to know how to act and what to communicate outwardly about our Employer Brand. 


Why is it important to define your EVP? 

To establish a structure and identify why you’re an attractive employer. It helps reinforce the internal culture and sets the groundwork for what you’ll communicate to your relevant candidate audience. 


What characterizes a strong and effective EVP? 

A robust and effective EVP should encapsulate the company’s authentic offering to both current and potential employees by clearly expressing the company’s values, primary employer offerings, and employee promise. When the internal, external, and strategic perspectives converge, a strong, effective, and authentic EVP is formed. This not only attracts new talents but also makes these talents feel comfortable and encourages them to remain a part of the company for the long term. 



Cassandra Andersson

Cassandra works as a copywriter at Oddwork and forms a vital part of Team Communications. When she doesn’t write articles, Cassandra is responsible for all our recruitment job ads. Her #1 party trick is to manufacture a tiny chair out of the remains of a champagne cork.